A Summer's Tale in New York

by lucas compan

Summer 2017 was very special for Alessandra rosin. She launched her first online business: a pet store.

She loves animals, especially dogs. PetBorough New York was born after a long-time preparation to make her goal and dream become reality. The origin of the name comes from the large amount of pets (mostly dogs and cats) living in New York: 1.4 million. That would make a larger population than the ones in the boroughs of Manhattan, Bronx, and Staten Island. Hence, the name PetBorough, which would be the third largest borough of New York, behind Brooklyn and Queens. after one year in action, alessandra just opened her second online store. oh, what a summer! right, aless? Cheers!

the summer of love (for dogs and pets)

This film tells this visual story of how she's been feeling – and how summer 2017 in New York City will be a remarkable memory in her heart. To celebrate this moment, she wanted a short film to keep this special occasion forever.

if you are a big fan of pets or own a pet, you might want to join her community on facebook and enjoy super cute photos on instagram.



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