How To Do More of What You Love

I have already shared some thoughts about my life in this story, how I try to make things that I love happen. It's never easy; sometimes I am fortunate, many times I fail. But as they say, we learn much more from failing than succeeding. 

If there's something that I couldn't agree more is this thought which has become a hell of a slogan: "Just Do It."  


Yes, go out there and do it. Take your fears for a nice walk in the park, and let them know they are not going to win over your willingness to make your things.

Eleven years ago, I was living a comfortable life in São Paulo City, running my business and doing what I love, enjoying friends, family and my wife. But I was always dealing with this feeling that I needed to change something. And I did it. I moved to New York City to start a brand-new chapter in my life.

Was it easy? Absolutely not! Was I insanely afraid? Oh, yeah! But I did it, anyway. when they say "life begins outside your comfort zones" they are right. this is incredibly accurate.


living in new york city: a new episode in my life, started in september "a new day, a new story" by lucas compan.


Recently, I started to have that same feeling once again, and I think this is just a healthy sign that your soul wants to evolve and go exploring better places. So I decided to put a new thing together to help people with living their dreams – not just consuming other people's dreams – and keep something registered as a reminder of these remarkable moments: offering professional short films and photo shoots of their dream vacations. After all, leisure and travel are two of the most important things in life.

Again, I just did it. Do I make mistakes when doing these things? Tons of them. They are insanely helpful and useful, though, to finding the fine tune and creating things better and better.


want 672 extra hours/year to do more of what you love?


All right, you don't have time to start something new, read more, watch more films, dedicate more time to your kids or significant ones? So here's a quick tip: start sleeping like a giraffe. Did you know they need only TEN minutes of sleeping per night? isn't that wonderful? well, you don't have to literally sleep like a giraffe, of course. but do the math: if you sleep just seven hours per day – instead of eight, it will make seven extra hours per week, twenty-eight per month, 336 per year. 


sleep like giraffes and you can free up to 672 hours per year to make more of the things you love.


Now push your limits even further: sleeping six hours per day (instead of eight), will make 672 extra hours in one year. Of course, this is just a thought. You can surely find your way, what works best for you.

My next goals on my journey: to become the best travel filmmaker in New York City, so i could create better products for helping travelers with their dream vacation films and photos. and... and.... to start my VLOG. I still have that awkward feeling about me in front of a camera. Let's see how I make that happen.

Wanting to change things is Just A Healthy Sign That Your Soul Wants To Evolve And Go Exploring Better Places.
— lucas compan

Hope you enjoyed this story. To wrap this thing up, I would like to share another story of someone who inspires me to do more, and to become a better storyteller and filmmaker – both behind and in front of the camera: the Canadian YouTuber, photographer, and filmmaker Peter McKinnon





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