The Best Spot to Photograph Manhattan Skyline – From Brooklyn

Brooklyn Heights is the oldest residential neighborhood in Brooklyn and its first Historic Preservation District. As early as the 1700s, rich merchants and sea captains built mansions here to enjoy the city and river views. The Promenade, built in 1950 on an elevated platform, was designed to eclipse a major highway – the Brooklyn-Quees-Expressway – connecting the adjoining boroughs. Hiding busy traffic lanes beneath helps preserve the charm of the neighborhood.

High above the East River at the edge of a leafy-green neighborhood of townhouses and brownstones is one of the most romantic walkways in the city, a favorite for many New Yorkers – and it's in Brooklyn. That's how Jo-Anne Elikann – author of "111 Places in New York That You Must Not Miss." describes the Brooklyn Heights Promenade. In this visual story, we are going to explore this spot, also with photographer's eyes, since it is one of the best spots to Photograph New York.

lower manhattan, freedom tower (one wtc), and the brooklyn bridge

Chill out with great views and peaceful atmosphere

Whether you take a stroll or park yourself on a bench along its 1/3 mile-long esplanade, you'll be experiencing cinematographic views of the Statue of Liberty, Freedom Tower, lower Manhattan's skyline, and Brooklyn Bridge.

On a scale of one to ten, the view from here is eleven. What you see is daytime – regardless of season and weather – is dramatic. At dusk it's pure magic. As the sun descends, the city is illuminated from behind, haloed in shades of pink, purple, and orange.

The tones and shades of brooklyn heights promenade

THEN, When darkness comes, a million lights blink on manhattan skyline. It's a sight you'll keep in your heart forever. if you photograph the spot from different angles, you will keep it forever. want to go further? WHAT If you had the chance to make have a personal filmmaker, what would be your story in brooklyn heights promenade? that is a treasure for the rest of your life, something you could always watch again and again to boost your day and your mood, and to recall your remarkable moments in that spot.

lady liberty witnessing a beautiful sunset

even if your are not the romantic type, Brooklyn Heights Promenade inspires romance. Countless first dates here have led to marriage proposals on a return trip. It is the ideal spot to strike up a nice conversation for hours and hours, and even enjoying some wine – from paper cups. You could even setup your personal cheese & wine pairing session – watching the sunset and enjoying your date.

the brooklyn heights promenade creates the perfect atmosphere for a perfect romantic date: amazing views, intimate candle-lights atmosphere, and lots of benches for great conversations. bring some wine and make a toast to love.

the perfect atmosphere for a perfect romantic date: views, candle-lights atmosphere. bring some wine and make a toast to love.

the latest travel accessory is a personal photographer and filmmaker. what would be your story in brooklyn heights promenade?

the treasure map



Subway Clark St. (Trains 2,3), High St. (A,C), Court St. (R)    |   Bus B25, B26, B38, B41, B45, B52, B61, B63 |  the new york ferry Dumbo-Brooklyn Bridge Park |   insider tip Brooklyn Historical Society is three blocks away at 128 Pierrepont Street




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