A Cinematic Portrait

When I started preparing for my first trip to NY, I wasn't aware of the impact this city would have on me and the way I would eventually photograph and film it. I thought about many photo projects and many ways to capture the New York light but it was only when I first walked the streets that I noticed I couldn't shake out that feeling of being in a movie. Being both a photographer and a videographer makes for quite an interesting combination of both inspiration and technique. Most of the times I have a conscious influence of my photography into my videos, but it was only when I first took my camera out in New York that I felt the opposite. Until now most of my street photography had been a quiet acquisition of street moments, passive portraits of urban backgrounds. New York triggered this new eye, this new attitude towards photography that I hadn't felt before. I took it as a sign of inspiration and went about capturing still frames of an ongoing film. A film of discovery both of the city and of my own photography. This video is a compilation of all those in-between moments.




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