How to Take Better Shots With an iPhone

the magic of an iphone

by Lucas Compan

I Love My Canon And Sony Cameras. However, I Love Even More Taking Photos Whenever My Eyes See Something Worth Of A Shot. Meaning, Sometimes, An iPhone Is just Easier To Grab And Shot. And I Do It Every Single Day. I Have Taken 20K+ Photos In The Past Ten Years, Either For Fun Or Professionally – Which Makes An Average Of 5.4 Photos Per Day, every single day. 

I Am Going To Share A Sample Of My Photos Taken With An iPhone 6S+ And iPhone 8+. Hope You Enjoy And Feel Encouraged To Do The Same With Your Smartphone. It's A Great Camera You Carry In Your Pocket. Use It More Often, And Your Photography Skills Are Going To Improve More And More.

The Secret: The More You Do, The Better You Become. Like Olympic Athletes, The More They Train, The More They Achieve Success And Break Previous Records.

also, i share links to my favorite apps. have fun!

Sunset at the upper west side, manhattan. (iphone 8+)

water tank at union square on a sunny day (iphone 8+)

Lower manhattan, from the brooklyn bridge park (iphone 8+)

sunset from long island city waterfront (iphone 8+)

lower manhattan from jersey city (iphone 6S+)

sunrise from the brooklyn bridge (iPhone 6S+)

The Empire State Building from 34th Street – in front of Macy's in Midtown Manhattan (iPhone 6S+)

Brooklyn Heights Promenade (iPhone 6S+)

Lower Manhattan surrounded by blue sky (iphone 6S+)

"tribute in light," an art installation of 88 searchlights placed six blocks south of the World Trade Center to create two vertical columns of light to represent the Twin Towers in remembrance of the September 11 attacks – photographed from the brooklyn bridge (iphone 6S+)

watch now: useful tips from one master of photography

I’m Asked A Lot How To Take Better Shots With The IPhone. I Put Together This Little Video, To Show A Few Of The Steps I Use When Shooting Photos, And A Few Ways You Can Start Taking Advantage Of That Incredible Camera Today.
— Peter mckinnon, photographer, filmmaker, youtuber

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