Brand Storytelling and Brand Perception

What is a brand?

build a brand to add power to shape perception

Is a brand relevant to sell a product or service? To demonstrate the power of a brand shaping expectations, Alice M. Tybout and Tim Calkins from Kellogg University, conducted a simple study with MBA students.


image: courtesy tiffany

They first asked a group of students what they would expect to pay for a pair of good-quality 18-karat-gold earrings with two 0.3-carat diamonds.

They asked a second group of students how much they would pay for the same earrings, only this time they added the words FROM TIFFANY.


A third group was asked the same question, but this time they changed FROM TIFFANY to FROM WALMART.


The results were striking. The average price for the unbranded earrings was $550. With Tiffany branding, the average price increased to $873, a jump of about sixty percent. This increase was solely due to the addition of the Tiffany brand.

With the Walmart branding, the price expectation fell to just $81, a decline of 85 percent from the unbranded earrings and a drop of 91 percent from Tiffany-branded earrings.

The study highlighted the brand’s power to shape perception. “Good quality,” for example, means something entirely different when it comes from Tiffany versus Walmart. Besides, the EXPERIENCE of wearing earrings from Tiffany is different from the experience of wearing earrings from Walmart. The distinction between the brands is not just about consumption: you can’t tell a Tiffany earring from a Walmart earring from a distance.


The era of People-to-people relevant brand storytelling

brand storytelling connects people in an emotional fashion.


To build a conversation with your audience, you have to tell the unique stories from the people behind a brand. Brands are stories, brands are experiences. Brands are not logos. Logos are graphic signs. If you design or redesign your logo, you are not redefining or managing your brand. The logo is an excellent foundation, and it's an identifier, but a logo is not the brand. A brand is not necessarily visual. It's a promise of an experience.

A brand is a code. There's always been some sort of code. People attach themselves to a code that signifies to others, "I'm in this group. This is my tribe. That's the story in what I believe in.”


when the magic happens

Visual and Cinematic storytelling are, among Others, powerful tools to create brands with good perceptions, turning something emotional into something tangible added to your product or service. There’s no magic button to make it happen. It involves smart and hard work, a lot of sweat, and creative inspiration. That is when the magic happens.


What makes a good brand story?

i am sharing the episode “What makes a good brand story?” from a good brand storytelling docu-series (5 episodes) available on youtube. you will see what some big brands have been doing to create engagement and to be relevant to their audiences – and turning engaged people into real consumers of their brands.


storytelling for entrepreneurs

the great news is: small companies, entrepreneurs, and individuals can also afford to make it happen these days. when you tell your unique stories, you share your values, build your brand personality, grow your business, make the world a better place to live, and create great future for yourself and your community. you are a content creator, you have wonderful technology available to take your stories to the next level. right now, in your pocket, there’s a smartphone with excellent camera features. make use of it.

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