A Story Changes the Future

We all have our stories. Life stories are like fingerprints: they are unique. Nobody else has the same story.

When we tell our stories, we create synergy and empathy, and we can influence our community. Stories are what make people build a relationship with each other. When we share our stories, we give people a good reason to talk about us.

Humans are wired for stories. Throughout the ages, storytelling has taken many forms right from drawings on caves to posts on Facebook to photos on Instagram.


Is there any craft behind telling an entertaining and compelling story?


I would say, yes. Anyone can imagine, dream and write. But to align your ideas aiming to tell a compelling story, understanding the creative Effective craft of this process is a must.

the construction of this process involves some pivotal elements like structure, sequence, scenes construction, character explanation, problem solving climax, contextualization, and of course, cinematic techniques when you are capturing your story with your camera.

Drama is anticipation tangled with uncertainty.
— william archer, british playwright

The definition above is incredibly insightful. When you are telling a story, try to answer these questions: ( 1 ) have you constructed anticipation? ( 2 ) In the short-term, have you made me want to know what will happen next? ( 3 ) but more importantly, have you made want to know how it will all conclude in the long-term? ( 4 ) Have you constructed honest conflicts with truth that creates doubt in what the outcome might be? but hey, these are just guidelines, not hard rules. these are trails, not tracks. have in mind that cinema is not about the story. it’s about the storytelling. this is cinematic storytelling.


It’s not just about the story. It’s about storytelling.


Here’s an excellent example of what we are talking about here. the main character has a very good story. but how this fantastic story was told matters the most (remember, it’s not about the story, it’s about storytelling).

Watch the video below to enjoy The magical, uplifting journey of a Piccola Italiana with big dreams, and how she made it all real in New York City. From her Geography lessons with her beloved father to incredible adventures in the city that never sleeps, this short film explores all the love, pain, fun, and happiness a human being could ever experience to make life count to the fullest.

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