YOUR PERSONAL life FILMMAKER and photographer

we give image and voice to your dream life stories. filmvacation NYC is the first to offer a personal filmmaker to your life experiences.

who we are


filmvacation nyc gives image and voice to your dream life stories – making concept films and photo experiences of these stories.


filmvacation nyc was born from lucas' passion for new york city and helping people to make their dreams come true. this is the soul of the company.

The inspiration to create it came from:

. a film made for an italian lady (as a christmas gift) living her dream of visiting new york for the first time in october 2016;

. lucas' experience in working with a client from the travel industry in the usa and europe for three years as a visual storyteller.

there is a lot of love and passion involved to create filmvacation nyc.

we give image and voice to your dream travel stories.


creative Partners

lucas compan & sylvio compan —

brothers in life and in the creative business

brothers in life and in the creative business

the duo has been working together for almost two decades, when lucas launched his first business–in são paulo city and rio de janeiro. 

their professional experience comes from advertising agencies (lucas) and ad film production companies (sylvio) in são paulo, working for brands like coca-cola, honda, danon, banco do brasil, and smirnoff.

Living and running a creative business in new york city since 2006, they have been dreaming and making things happen in gotham city.


filmvacation nyc

81 prospect street . dumbo
brookly, ny, 11201

+1 (646) 701.2712